A Fresh Remodel by Kathryn Ivey Interiors

Confession: I start a lot of blog posts that I never finish. I found this post in draft form on a Sunday afternoon and wondered why all these gorgeous images are sitting unpublished. This home is stunning!

I don't have a ton of notes on the project aside from the designer and photographer. Here is what I know: Kathryn Ivey divides her time between DC and Paris and the style of the home makes it clear that this is in the US. So the location is somewhere in the DC area. Helen Norman is the photographer and she is based in Maryland.


Doesn't that painted trim make this feel like a defined room instead of part of the open-concept first floor? What a great idea!

The foyer area that was in the first picture seems to be to the right of this area. 

How great is that acrylic table?

Love the thickness of that marble!

The mirrors make this room feel so large! Check out that beautiful ceiling!


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