Are Painted Ceilings the Next Big Trend?

You could argue that painted ceilings aren't trendy - they have always been around and the fact that some of the pictures I'm sharing today are from several years ago back that up. However, after seeing one painted ceiling after another in the DC Design House this fall, I've become convinced that we'll see more people using the ceiling to add a little contrast to their rooms in 2018.

I love these examples of beautiful, colorful ceilings from our region...

Design by Kelly Proxmire

Design by Sarah Hillery Interiors

Image by Angie Seckinger | Design by Keira St. Claire-Bowery and Dana Schwartz of Anthony Wilder Design, Build, Inc.

Image by Angie Seckinger | Design by Dennese Guadelope Rojas of Interiors by Design, LLC

Image by Angie Seckinger | Design by by Allie Mann, Elena Eskan-Dari, Alex Hubbard, and Hope Hassell of Case Design/Remodeling

Image by Angie Seckinger  | Design by: Paula Grace Designs, Inc


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