Floor Refinishing Inspiration and an Update

Last week, I mentioned that we decided to have our floors refinished as a hall bath remodel was finishing up. I had asked our contractor to remove the exterior door that was in the sun room off our master bedroom and drywall that space while we were on vacation (we visited Denver, Yellowstone, Great Teton and Jackson Hole, and finally Boulder...it was amazing!). I told him to rip the cheap laminate out of the room, which had been added some time in the last 20 years and didn't match the wood floors in the rest of the house.

I thought we could live with the sub-floor while we took a break from house projects for a little while, but my contractor convinced me to dive in and have a flooring company come in to lay wood in the sun room and refinish the floors throughout the upstairs.

Time was on of the essence for this project because my brother, sister-in-law, and their five boys were coming to visit at the end of June and we were starting this project during the second week of June. The flooring company has a large crew and was confident that the job would be done on time, so we moved forward. My first job was to find some inspiration for the new floors.

Design by Cindy Rinfret of Rinfret, Ltd | Photo by Michael Partenio | Styling by Stacey Kunstel

The floors were stained a traditional, lighter color, but were more yellow than I liked. Though the trend for floors right has people putting in floors with gray and raw tones, we both were attracted to more traditional colors when we looked for examples to show the flooring guys.

Design by Cindy Rinfret of Rinfret, Ltd | Photo by Michael Partenio | Styling by Stacey Kunstel

The one issue with looking for inspiration online is that few people say exactly what kind of wood floors they have. So, even though people will share photos on Pinterest that are very specific about the stain (down to ratios), you still have to test stains on your floors.

Design by Susan Zises Green | Photography: Eric Roth

Our refinishing job didn't go smoothly and there were a few days where I was freaking out a little bit in light of our impending guests. We still aren't at the end of the project, but I'll start recapping the process in the coming days.

As for the bathroom we just remodeled, I was so wrapped up in the floors that I still haven't thought about accessorizing the room or ordering a glass screen for the tub. The "after" pictures are still a ways away.


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