Checking in on Living Room Progress

I didn't expect to take such an extended break from this blog, but our bathroom project went quite a bit slower than planned. We also decided to tack on a major upgrade to the house towards the end of the bathroom remodel. That upgrade was refinishing the hardwood flooring on the second story, which mean we had to move everything out of our bedrooms for the duration. 

There are no photos to show the chaos that ensued. Imagine all of our first floor furniture stacked in the dining room (we joked that it was like playing Tetris) and all the bedroom furniture stacked in our living room. It was crazy. There were delays, as always seems to be the case and instead of thinking about the pretty rooms we'd have on the second floor, I fixated on having my pretty, pink living room back to normal. 

In the coming weeks, I'll share the details of the bathroom and floor projects and some photos. For now, I'll share my "happy place," back to normal. When we first moved here from our tiny condo, we didn't have any furniture to put in this room. I'm still looking for a few more pieces, but it's become my favorite place to read, hang out with friends, and even nap on Sunday afternoons.

The white chairs at the front of the room are Ikea Jennylund chairs. We bought them years ago when delivery of our white, slipcovered Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams sofa was delayed. The old sofa had been sold to a nice couple just in time for what we thought was our delivery date for the new piece. Unfortunately, the sofa was delayed for several weeks. We got the Ikea chairs as inexpensive stand-ins. They are such a great size (have you noticed how massive so many chairs are these days?) that we held on to them all these years.

My John Matthew Moore prints are my favorite pieces of art. Bell was our second purchase and I love having her watching over the living room.

 Turning rod-pocket drapes from Restoration Hardware into pinch-pleat drapes took me a while. I still have to hem the bottoms, but I love how they look!

The next step in this room is getting nicer chairs for the front half of the room and letting the Ikea chairs go to the sun porch. 


I'll start revealing the new bathroom and our second floor soon!


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