Thursday, July 13, 2017

Four Chair Seating Areas in Living Rooms

Do you know how many bloggers have written about seating arrangements with four chairs? Tons. I'm not going to wax poetic about them. I like symmetry and four-chair groups tend to have it.

My plan for our living room always included two seating areas with my tete-a-tete cutting the large room in half. I thought each grouping would be the same - two chairs flanking a table and a sofa on the end.

I bought two navy chairs Lulu and Georgia for one end of the room and put my old, Ikea slipcovered chairs on the other end. It should feel nice, but the side with the slipcovered chairs felt empty. I move them both to the same side of the grouping and liked how cozy it felt.

Then I started thinking that two chairs on each side of the cocktail table might make sense. As a reminder, this is the room:

So off I went to look at groupings of four chairs, with an emphasis on ones that were in large rooms that also included a sofa, chaise, bench, or tete-a-tete. Next time, I'll share my exhaustive search for the perfect chairs.

Designer: Jackie Armour of JMA Interior Design (Luxe doesn't credit her on their website!) | Photography: Brantley Photography 

Design: Melanie Turner Interiors

Design: Studio McGee

Design: Porter Design Company

Design: Melanie Turner Interiors (again)

Design: Stephanie Kraus Designs | Photography: Kyle Born Photography

Design: Stephanie Kraus Designs | Photography: Kyle Born Photography

Design: Victoria Hagen | As seen in Architecture Digest

Design: Victoria Hagen | As seen in Architecture Digest

Design: W Design Interiors

Designer unknown (and Pinterest makes it impossible to track down the info!)

Design: Melanie Turner Interiors (one more time!)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Floor Refinishing Inspiration and an Update

Last week, I mentioned that we decided to have our floors refinished as a hall bath remodel was finishing up. I had asked our contractor to remove the exterior door that was in the sun room off our master bedroom and drywall that space while we were on vacation (we visited Denver, Yellowstone, Great Teton and Jackson Hole, and finally was amazing!). I told him to rip the cheap laminate out of the room, which had been added some time in the last 20 years and didn't match the wood floors in the rest of the house.

I thought we could live with the sub-floor while we took a break from house projects for a little while, but my contractor convinced me to dive in and have a flooring company come in to lay wood in the sun room and refinish the floors throughout the upstairs.

Time was on of the essence for this project because my brother, sister-in-law, and their five boys were coming to visit at the end of June and we were starting this project during the second week of June. The flooring company has a large crew and was confident that the job would be done on time, so we moved forward. My first job was to find some inspiration for the new floors.

Design by Cindy Rinfret of Rinfret, Ltd | Photo by Michael Partenio | Styling by Stacey Kunstel

The floors were stained a traditional, lighter color, but were more yellow than I liked. Though the trend for floors right has people putting in floors with gray and raw tones, we both were attracted to more traditional colors when we looked for examples to show the flooring guys.

Design by Cindy Rinfret of Rinfret, Ltd | Photo by Michael Partenio | Styling by Stacey Kunstel

The one issue with looking for inspiration online is that few people say exactly what kind of wood floors they have. So, even though people will share photos on Pinterest that are very specific about the stain (down to ratios), you still have to test stains on your floors.

Design by Susan Zises Green | Photography: Eric Roth

Our refinishing job didn't go smoothly and there were a few days where I was freaking out a little bit in light of our impending guests. We still aren't at the end of the project, but I'll start recapping the process in the coming days.

As for the bathroom we just remodeled, I was so wrapped up in the floors that I still haven't thought about accessorizing the room or ordering a glass screen for the tub. The "after" pictures are still a ways away.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Won't You Be My Neighbor (peek inside a beautiful Charlottesville estate!)

I have passed the most beautiful house every day for four years as I've come and gone from my neighborhood. When a "for sale" sign appeared in front of it, I was excited about the opportunity to take a peek at the beautiful home. Want to take a look?

I was just commiserating with a neighbor about how our homes weren't situated properly, but this house seems to be perfectly placed to receive natural light.

Modern updates were obviously made to the home, but it didn't lose an inch of charm in the process. The rooms are generously sized without being gargantuan. 

The owners have some beautiful furniture and and art is intriguing!

The informal spaces are so inviting, don't you think?  

I usually prefer white kitchens, but all the woodwork in this one makes it a show-stopper. Look at the range and then look up to get a sense of the scale here.

"I need to run out for a bottle of wine," said no one ever in this house.

I think the master suite is flawless, from the restful colors on the walls to the antiques, including a copper tub!

What kid wouldn't love a round window in their room?

The outside space is just as beautiful. 

 Isn't the pool pavilion charming? It even has a weather vane.

A beautiful alle serves as your route to come and go from this beautiful estate.

If you'd like to be my neighbor and want to know more about this property, here's the real estate listing on the CAAR website.
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Checking in on Living Room Progress

I didn't expect to take such an extended break from this blog, but our bathroom project went quite a bit slower than planned. We also decided to tack on a major upgrade to the house towards the end of the bathroom remodel. That upgrade was refinishing the hardwood flooring on the second story, which mean we had to move everything out of our bedrooms for the duration. 

There are no photos to show the chaos that ensued. Imagine all of our first floor furniture stacked in the dining room (we joked that it was like playing Tetris) and all the bedroom furniture stacked in our living room. It was crazy. There were delays, as always seems to be the case and instead of thinking about the pretty rooms we'd have on the second floor, I fixated on having my pretty, pink living room back to normal. 

In the coming weeks, I'll share the details of the bathroom and floor projects and some photos. For now, I'll share my "happy place," back to normal. When we first moved here from our tiny condo, we didn't have any furniture to put in this room. I'm still looking for a few more pieces, but it's become my favorite place to read, hang out with friends, and even nap on Sunday afternoons.

The white chairs at the front of the room are Ikea Jennylund chairs. We bought them years ago when delivery of our white, slipcovered Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams sofa was delayed. The old sofa had been sold to a nice couple just in time for what we thought was our delivery date for the new piece. Unfortunately, the sofa was delayed for several weeks. We got the Ikea chairs as inexpensive stand-ins. They are such a great size (have you noticed how massive so many chairs are these days?) that we held on to them all these years.

My John Matthew Moore prints are my favorite pieces of art. Bell was our second purchase and I love having her watching over the living room.

 Turning rod-pocket drapes from Restoration Hardware into pinch-pleat drapes took me a while. I still have to hem the bottoms, but I love how they look!

The next step in this room is getting nicer chairs for the front half of the room and letting the Ikea chairs go to the sun porch. 


I'll start revealing the new bathroom and our second floor soon!
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