The 2017 Bundoran Farm Show Home in Charlottesville

Design House season in many parts of Virginia and DC has shifted to the fall, but I'm so excited to share a few images from this season's show house at Bundoran Farm in Charlottesville. You may remember the 2015 Southern Living Idea House, decorated by Bunny Williams, was at Bundoran Farm. This year, Charlottesville designer Wendi Smith took on the tremendous task of decorating an entire show house and the results are amazing.

The house is currently open for tours with the proceeds from tickets sales benefiting the Shelter for Help in Emergency.

I like that Derry Cottage, built by Green Mountain Construction, is spacious (this 4-bedroom home is just a hair over 3,600 square feet) without feeling absurdly large. The ceilings are high, but details like shiplap and robust trim make the home feel cozy. The house is situated on a beautiful six-acre piece of property, making for gorgeous views.

I'm not going to share too many pictures from the house because I think you should go see it in person. I'm deliberately not showing you the kitchen, most of the bathrooms, or the incredible in-law suite. You have to go see those in person!

The house is open Wednesday-Sunday (see hours above). Visitor parking is at the Baldwin Center, 5005 Edge Valley Road, North Garden, VA 22959. A very nice shuttle will drop you off at the front door of the house.

After visiting the show house, hop over to Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards for wine and lunch! Bring your ticket to the show home and Pippin will treat you to a gelato!


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