One Week Challenge Week 4: Monogram All the Things!

I'm back again for another round of the One Week Challenge. That's the blogger event during which sponsored bloggers revamp a room in six weeks and a bunch of other bloggers tag on (mostly without sponsorship) to update a room at the same time.

I shared that my tile guy broke his wrist in my last post. Unfortunately, that means we're in a holding pattern. I don't want to drop off the ORC, so I thought I'd share one of the smaller projects I'm doing for the bathroom.

In an effort to streamline things at home, I decided to have all of the towels in our bathrooms match eventually. This isn't a groundbreaking change, of course, but I'm sort of glad that I thought of this. We already have navy towels in the first, updated bathroom, so I'll be adding more in this second bathroom.

None of our bath towels are monogrammed, but I've decided that it's time. Over the last few years, I've done so much embroidery work, but almost nothing I've embroidered has stayed at home. The test stitch-outs I do wind up on a bulletin board in my studio.

When there are almost new designs to be found, it's hard to commit to putting any design on my towels. I looked through my Instagram for some of my favorite designs and came up with these:

Helping someone else pick a design for their project is easy for me. Picking a design for my own towels has been impossible. It's pretty silly since I am doing the embroidery myself. Knowing that new designs come out all the time, it's so hard to settle! For now, this is what I'm considering:

1. A fishtail monogram with a pagoda frame

Pagoda frames are so popular right now and I have several styles. This one has always been my favorite. It would probably be the most striking option of the ones I'm considering.

2. A single-letter monogram with a floral frame

I thought this frame design was exclusive to a bespoke linen line , but I found it digitized and snapped it up. It's such a pretty design!

3. The bamboo monogram

I have two sets of napkins with this monogram on them. It's one of my favorite designs, but I'm not sure I want it on even more linens.

4. A fishtail with a curl

This was one of the first designs I bought that was super large, with beautiful satin stitching. It's simple, but fun.

5. A hard-to-describe, all around gorgeous monogram

I absolutely love the two designs that I used in this monogram. The rosettes might be too delicate for terrycloth, though. 

6. An applique monogram 

I love applique work and see it on Leontine Linens' towels all the time. I'm not sure what fabric I'd use for the inside of the letters - maybe pink or aqua to go with the other colors I've used in the house?

7. A fishtail monogram with a curly frame

I love the frame on this one and it's huge. I already used it on some kitchen towels, so I don't know if I would want to use it again in the bathrooms.

Maybe this isn't even ORC worthy since the project is on hold, but I'd appreciate some opinions!


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