One Week Challenge, Week 3 - Tile and a Demo Surprise

Hey there, it's week three of the One Room Challenge, when a bunch of bloggers work with sponsors to remodel a room in their homes and a bunch of other bloggers tag along to redo rooms without as much planning. I jumped in at the last minute because we are remodeling a bathroom.

 In reading past ORCs, it seems weeks 3 and 4 are the hardest. Some people don't post at all. I almost didn't post because there isn't much to share. The big update is that I have pictures of our beautiful floor tile to share.

Tile is getting bigger and bigger these days (have you seen slab porcelain?), but I was worried that larger format tiles would be crazy expensive. Amazingly, the NovaBell tile we picked, was around $10 per square foot and the 12x24 tiles were less than the 12x12 tiles! 

These are faux marble tiles, but they don't have the repetition that older fakes had. I laid an entire box out on the floor of our back porch and the veining on each tile was unique.

Seeing all that pretty tile is happy news, but I have some sad news as well. My tile guy broke his wrist! He's okay, but our timeline is pushed back a few weeks while he recovers. I realize that some people would just move on to find someone else, but we aren't willing to do it. This means we might not see any big changes to the bathroom until week 5.

While clearing the bathroom, I noticed something that looks odd to me. There are two layers of either drywall or cement board behind the tile in the tub area. The house was built in 1976 and I'm not sure if this is something that was typical in those days or if this is to fix something irregular behind the wall. Some googled shows that other people have found two layers of board behind their tiles. It'll be interesting to see if all three walls in the tub alcove are like this.

This isn't much of an update and I'm not sure if there will be much to share next week, either.


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