One Room Challenge, Week 2 - Gathering Materials and Thinking About the Floor Plan

It's Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and the pile of materials is growing. When I created our guest room during the ORC last year, the process was pretty easy. I painted, shopped, and then put everything together. Tackling a bathroom remodel for the ORC is a totally different project. There are so many decisions to make up front so orders can be placed and fixtures can be on site quickly. 

If we were just doing a "refresh" on the bathroom, I'm sure I could start from zero during week 1. For this remodel, I started thinking about materials months ago and talking to our contractor about our plans weeks ago.

Adjusting the Floor Plan

One of my wishes for the remodel was to change the floor plan so that the view into the room wasn't of the toilet, which is across from the door.

Current floor plan (imagine that the toilet and tub are avocado green)

 Moving pipes would be a major undertaking. It would take more time and probably require a larger budget. My contractor suggested a much easier solution - shifting the door to the left and moving the sink lines so the view from the hallway is of the vanity and not the toilet.

Proposed floor plan

I had already planned on having a smaller vanity instead of one that takes up an entire wall, so moving the door seemed like a great idea.

The rest of this post is a lot of rambling about fixtures, so feel free to bail out now. If you like shopping for plumbing and vanities, keep reading.

The Vanity

I thought finding a vanity for this bathroom would be easy. My list of desired characteristics wasn't too, too long, right?
  • White finish
  • Drawers instead of doors
  • Traditional feet (instead of modern ones)
  • White or grey top
My first thought was to shop with Pottery Barn. I'm always getting discount codes from PB and their vanities look great. Unfortunately, Pottery Barn doesn't have swatches for their bathroom furniture. That made me leery about ordering from them, especially since I ordered a white desk from PB years go that wound up being almost yellow when it arrived.

After looking at all sorts of sources, I settled on a vanity with great reviews that checked all the boxes. Amazingly, this was my first order from Wayfair. I feel like the last person to order from them! The process was smooth and delivery was pretty fast. 

A Simple Bathtub

It's interesting that finding a super simple, standard bathtub isn't very easy right now! My wish list:
  • Standard size
  • Left drain
  • No waves or indents in the apron
  • Taller than our current tub
  • Not cast iron (due to weight)
After a lot of searching, Wayfair came through again! The manufacturer wasn't one I knew well (Kingston Brass), but the bathtub's reviews were solid.


Faucet and Shower Trim

I'll be honest. This is one area where I have champagne taste and a prosecco budget. I saw a Kallista (a luxury line by Kohler) faucet over a year ago that I loved and kept looking for something similar. I finally found it online, via Newport Brass. I love the shape of the faucet and the handles.

For shower trim, I went with a version of Kohler's Margaux set that has a cross handle. I've never been one of those people who feels the need to have all fixtures from the same company. I think these compliment each other well!

And then, there's tile

I usually spend a lot of time on tile, but that wasn't the case for this project. There was leftover subway tile from our first bathroom remodel and it made sense to use it for this bathroom. For the flooring, I wanted large tiles (fewer grout lines to clean) in either cararra marble or a very good lookalike.

As always, Diane Mort at Wainright Tile here in Charlottesville came to the rescue and showed me a new, 12x24 porcelain tile that has a marble design on it. This tile has more variation than older faux marbles, so it's easy to mistake it for the real thing!

What am I missing?

I haven't finished gathering all of the accessories (medicine cabinet, towel bars, hooks, etc), but most of the big ticket items are here or en route right now. You may notice that I didn't talk about toilets. Kohler's Memoirs Stately is my favorite toilet (is it possible to have a favorite toilet?). Any time I look for other options, I come back to that one. This was the case for this project.

The to-do list is long, but we are well on our way!


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