One Room Challenge, Week 1 - The Before

Last night, I decided to join the One Room Challenge for the second time. The One Room Challenge (ORC) started years ago as a way for bloggers to spruce up a room in their house over the course of six weeks. These days, there are incredible partnerships between bloggers and sponsors resulting in truly incredible room transformations. I'm tagging on as an unsponsored guest participant.

This is so last minute that I'm writing this post at 10:30 PM, the night before the first link up. I know other bloggers who have had their projects planned out for weeks, with blog posts written and scheduled. Basically, I'm insane and you should make sure you have plenty of popcorn on hand, because this might be a train wreck.

Let's talk before pictures. The project is the upstairs, hallway bathroom in our house. The photo below is from when we first saw our house. Do you see the avocado toilet and tub in the mirror? The tank is as big as an aquarium. I put a half-gallon jug in there soon after we moved in to cut down on how much water it used. The flooring is really fabulous. It's a beautiful cream and moss green vinyl. Everything is original to this 1976 house.The lights give off a wonderful, yellow cast (even with Reveal bulbs installed).

For the most part, the door to this bathroom stayed closed for the first year we lived in the house.  When we remodeled a downstairs bathroom, we had to use this bathroom a little bit. I painted the vanity pink, bought a floral shower curtain, and a piece of art to brighten things up a bit.

Oh, and while we were doing our first bathroom remodel, the tub faucet in this bathroom broke, so our plumber had to break a hole in the tub wall to fix it. A part failed due to old age. The curtain stays closed to hide the horror.

It's all still pretty bad...even a bit embarrassing.

So what's the plan? We want to update this bathroom to be classic, with a few quirks. I've always preferred really timeless bathrooms, sometimes with a little color, but often with a simple palette. I guess it's no surprise that my bathroom inspiration board is one of my most followed boards on Pinterest!

 Here's where I'm going with this bathroom:

I have a few orders placed and a few to make, but a lot of our materials should be here by next week. One thing I learned during our last bathroom reno was to avoid materials with long lead times. Our tile had to come from Italy and it took 10-12 weeks to arrive. The entire project got pushed back because I HAD to have that tile.

Next time, I'll go over materials and the general plan for the bathroom. We're making one significant change that I'm excited to share!


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