A Short Primer on Curtain Rod Height

We all know the "high and wide" rule when it comes to hanging curtains. If you hang your curtains above the trim on your windows and wide enough that the fabric doesn't cover the window glass, your room (and windows) can appear bigger.

High and wide was great in my last home, a condo with low-ish ceilings.

Our current house has equally low ceilings. On the second floor, I hung our bamboo blinds flush with the ceiling and put the curtain rods right over them. We have custom drapes in one bedroom, so I ordered them to touch the floor. Amazingly, the West Elm drapes I used in the guest bedroom were exactly the right length to kiss the floor.

I've been trying to work on our living room and while browsing inspiration pictures, I noticed that the "high" part of "high and wide" varies a lot among professional designers. At the molding, under the molding, and even on top of the molding seems acceptable.

But what is correct? Just as I as asking myself this, Barry Dixon posted this on his instagram account:

Scrolling through his account, it seems he has a clear preference.

In Barry, we trust. I'm hanging the rods I got for the living room where the crown starts.


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