Farewell Dhuirries, Hello Seagrass!

Another round of the One Room Challenge had started - that's the blogger event where people remake rooms in six weeks. There's no way I can handle such a project right now, but seeing other people taking part has inspired me to blog about recent changes in our living room. I haven't blogged since I painted the room pink.

Since then, I sold the busy, geometric dhurrie rugs that I got from Shades of Light. They were fitting with "blogger style" when I bought them, but not really my style. The day I sold the first one, I drove up the road to Floor Fashions of Virginia and ordered a custom seagrass rug to fit the room. Floor Fashions is a fun place and they have the ability to bind rugs for you. I had them do a thin, matching trim instead of the wider, tape-like borders I have on my other seagrass rugs.  I'm still waiting for the rug to come in, but I saw the style and binding I ordered when I walked into the DC Design House earlier this week. Seeing this made me eager for my rug to arrive!

By the way...the Pottery Barn sofa that I ordered in May finally arrived in late August. My streak with backorders continues, though. Acrylic drapery rods and hardware that I ordered in August just shipped this week. I didn't want to move forward with ordering drapery panels until I had rods up and could measure (more on that at another time).


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