The "Done for Now" Dining Room

Our dining room is almost a perfect square with windows or doorways on every wall and chair rail cutting the room in half. There are several narrow areas for art, but the room is so small that I have felt like if I put art on multiple walls, the pieces would have to be related.

When Marc gave me a beautiful, antique tray with a interesting inscription, I thought that it might be nice to hang on the wall. When Marc gave me a second beautiful tray, I knew the dining room walls were going to be the perfect place to display a set of trays.

I've collected silver-plated bowls with interesting engraving for years. I usually gravitate towards bowls that were won as trophies and this being horse country, there are plenty of them in the area antique shops.

One Sunday afternoon rendered an armload of trays...and I passed over ones that were made in the last twenty years! I laid the trays out on the floor to determine which might look nice lined up together and tucked the rest into odd spots.

My china cabinet started looking a little crowded after a while!

The large tray in the middle has the funniest inscription. It's the trophy for a tailgating competition that took place at a hose show. The tray was the prize for the second runner up. Which makes we wonder what the winner and first runner up received!

When we were in the condo, I styled the shelves of my china cabinet, since it was one of the first things you saw when you came in the front door. I never got around to doing that since we lived...and my stemware collection has grown, so I need as much space as possible for my crystal. 

Having something on the walls makes the room feel a little more finished. At some point, I'll do something to dress up the drapes (line them, add trim) and possibly add a rug. Down the line, we plan on redoing all of the floors since the first floor has two different kinds (parquet and laminate), but that will probably have to wait until we are ready to renovate our kitchen.

I'm pretty happy with where our simple, little dining room is now. 


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