A Small Update Leads to a Big One

I'm not sure why I always have to point it out when I mess up, but here we go. In our condo, I always used the same colors on trim work - Benjamin Moore's White Dove and Sherwin Williams Alabaster. The colors seem like equivalents to me, but I have never looked into it. Anyway, I thought my trim was bright and crisp in the condo.

In this house, I continued using Benjamin Moore's White Dove in several rooms and the more I looked at it on the trim, the more I thought it looked a little dingy. Consider this picture from Halloween:

It's not horrible, but the trim is more subtle than I would prefer. Leaving something that's sufficient, but doesn't seem quite right is hard for me, so there was a point when I couldn't walk through the foyer without thinking about how that trim needed to be repainted. There are so many projects still on our list that it seemed a little crazy to fixate on the trim. I decided to give myself one afternoon to repaint the trim.

Looking for the "right" white convinced me that you are better of just picking a color randomly than googling for suggestions. Every design blog has posted about white paint (including this one). I had some BM Simply White leftover from another project and hesitated to use it because everyone seems to be falling over themselves for this color lately, but anything could be better than the sad trim I had.

Out came the paint brushes...and the little, angular craft painting brush I use for trim.

I liked it. I didn't love it at first. But it worked. I liked my foyer again. Even Olivia, the sheep, seemed happier.

The adjacent living room started looking really sad. The previous owner had ever surface painted with matte, ivory paint and next to the pretty pink and white foyer, the living room looked dingy, too. You know what happened next...

I had a lot on my plate when all this was happening and I figured that I would save a little time by ordering my paint from MyPerfectColor.com. I ordered on a Friday around 10 AM and the website said that orders placed by 3 PM would most likely be shipped via FedEx the same day. I was a little disappointed that my order didn't leave the store in New Jersey until the following Tuesday. The paint arrived on Thursday.

The cans were all dented, so thank goodness for the metal brackets that kept the lid from spilling in-transit. The only problem was that neither the packing list or website told you how to get them off. I wound us using the smallest screwdriver attachment I had to pry them off the lid.

I put my standard eggshell on the ceiling (it really is better than flat) and walls, then semi-gloss on the trim. I continued my beloved Shell Pink in the living room and by this point, Simply White was growing on me.

Here's where things were before I started working on the trim...

Better photos and "after" pictures are coming next week since I'm only home on the weekend to take pictures in daylight.


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