A Return to Green Front Furniture

I can't believe that it's been about a year since my last time to Green Front Furniture in Farmville, Virginia. I've stopped at the store's northern Virginia outpost a couple times, but have been too busy to make a proper trip to my favorite place to look at furniture.

Marc and I made the trip (a little more than hour south of Charlottesville) on Memorial Day too look for a sofa for our forma living room. We didn't find the right sofa, but we had a lot of fun exploring Farmville and all of Green Front's buildings.

This was Marc's first visit and I don't think he realized just how much ground we were going to cover that day. He stopped to check out A LOT of the outdoor furniture, even though shopping for a patio or deck is a long way off for us! I have to admit that I couldn't help but test out these first two pieces. The first is a one-of-a-kind market sample (presumably from High Point Market).

 There's a lower-level in one building that is full of chairs and I saw so many pretty patterns and colors...

 When a mirror seems huge in a warehouse, you have to wonder if your ceilings would be high enough for it.

I LOVE "puzzle" tables like this one:

There are so many dressers and chests that look like they are straight out of the Horchow catalog.

 This chair had me second guessing my plans for our living room. I love the silver!

 If you like this next chair and ottoman, move quickly. We helped my mother-in-law buy the one that was in the warehouse. The one of the floor is available!

Building 9 has Hickory Chair, Jonathan Charles, and some other very nice casegoods. That's my favorite building of all! I can't believe the light fixture in the picture below is still available. It is amazing in person and the price is fantastic.

The bar in the next picture is incredible. It's basically a room that takes five people to transport to your house and assemble. One of the salespeople said it's being sold for about $30,000 retail, but they are selling it for $12,995. It's definitely a conversation piece that requires a grand home!

 When I looked at this picture back at home, I wondered why we left without buying anything. What a gorgeous mirror! The lamps are great, too.

Speaking of great lamps...

The basement of building 9 is mostly used for antiques and there are so many ginger jars and vases. My favorite pair was already sold. :(

I kind of want to go back and get this silver bowl (is it a wine chiller?). I love those elephants!

Some of the Green Front Furniture buildings are old shoe factories. They aren't air conditioned, but there are huge, industrial fans set up to keep air moving. This is especially helpful as you get to the upper levels, where it can be a little stuffy.

The tippy top floor of building 10 is off limits, but I think it's cool that you can peek up the ladder. I wonder if it was used for storage in the building's previous life?


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