A Spring Visit to Green Front Furniture in Manassas

Long time, no blog! I've been hunkered down at work and haven't had much of an opportunity to think about home, design, or embroidery, but things are getting a little lighter - I'm actually leaving without my work laptop most nights and I'm not getting a dozen emails in the wee hours.

I had to go to Northern Virginia last week and stopped in Manassas at what has become my favorite furniture store, Green Front Furniture. The Manassas location is small compared to the main location in Farmville, but there are still many treasures to be found!

On with the tour. I always start in the Hickory Chair area. There were many new pieces, but a few I recognized from the last time I visited.

There were four of these pretty chairs on clearance. They're be perfect in a formal dining room.

The dining set below is lovely, but I was really loving the large wall panels!

This next piece should look familiar. I bought the one that was in Green Front Farmville for our front hall!

Even though the warehouse is full to the brim, they do such a nice job of creating vignettes.

This huge wall unit was red-tagged at $3,495. Pretty amazing for something so large!

It seemed like there were lamps everywhere. 

There were more pairs of chairs that I've seen before. Usually, there are mostly singles.

The deep teal, velvet back of this chair caught my eye. The seat was upholstered in a pretty, contrasting fabric!

There is a separate area for leather, desks, and bars.  

I couldn't believe I found these chairs in the way back. They're so cute!

Beautiful bars...

And so many desks...

The rug section is so big that I couldn't even start digging. I did take a quick picture of the price tags for the dhurrie rugs. 

10154 Harry J Parrish Boulevard
Manassas, VA 20109
 M-Sat 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday 1 PM - 5 PM


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