Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Small and Chic Condo is on the Market

Does anyone else look at the MLS pretty regularly, even though you aren't in the market for a new home? I love looking at houses. I hope to see inspiration, but I often find myself in shock at the photos. Between the heavy-handed photoshopping and toilet lids that are up, I cringe a lot.

The other day, I saw a listing that made my pulse quicken. My beloved condo, the reason I started this blog, is on the market.

There are times when I wish we were back in the condo. I loved living downtown and walking everywhere. My car usually didn't move during the week! Our complex had a small dog park in the middle of it and I think meeting new people and dogs all the time helped make our first dog especially sweet and easy going. The unit was cheerful and bright once I painted it and living small meant less collecting.

 I showed the MLS pictures to friends and they immediately started comparing the current decor with mine. From my perspective, it's a happy, comfortable place. I hope the current owner loved her time there.

The Living Area

One of my friends said "she copied your layout," but you're almost forced to set the room up a certain way because of where the outlets are in the living room.

Here's how it looked when we lived there:

The Kitchen:

I left the hooks that held up my candle lanterns and I love that the current owner is using them! It looks like she is also using the magnetic strips I put up for spice canisters! I'm really glad the painted cabinets have held up reasonably well (I think it took 7 or 8 coats of paint!). Had we stayed in the condo, we would have done a modest upgrade to the kitchen.

Here's the kitchen from when we lived there:

The Dining Area

This nook is a tough spot and I think the current owner's table fits it much better than mine did. I was so fixated on having an oval table and I'm not sure it was the right choice!

Our dining area:

The bathroom
This was my first project in the house. A random comment from Stefanie at Brooklyn Limestone (why aren't you blogging?) when she put my bathroom on her blog was what started this blog.

I adored that bathroom and Marc talks about missing it all the time!

Here's the bathroom when we lived there:

The bedroom

The current own painted the room, but I think it still looks great! I miss this space so much!

From our days in the condo:

If you're interested in the cutest condo ever, email me and I'll send you a link to the listing!
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Save the Date: 2016 Charlottesville Design House

I'm so excited to have the next Charlottesville Design House to think about on this rainy day in Central Virginia. The Shelter for Help in Emergency has just announced that the 2016 Charlottesville Design House will be held May 7th through May 22nd. This year's house will be on my side of town, in the Keswick Estate.
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