Our Frameless Low-Iron Shower Panel is Installed!


The glass company was able to install our shower screen on Wednesday and so we are done with the major work in our downstairs bathroom!

There's an amazing variety of options when it comes to ordering glass for a shower. We originally thought we'd get a sliding or pivot door for this bathroom, but with such a small space, we decided a simple, fixed panel would take up the least amount of space.

Next, we had to decide what kind of glass we wanted to use. Traditional glass has a green tint to it when you get to the size and thickness needed for a shower. The alternative is low-iron glass. There are lots of different names for this kind of glass. Some companies also add coatings to combat haze or stains from soaps and hard water, but we opted for just simple low-iron glass since this shower won't get daily use.

When the glass arrived, I saw the green edge and got scared that we got the wrong panel, but even low-iron glass has a green edge. I even found a chart online that showed how the color of the edge was affected by the size of the panel.

The green edge of our 76" tall glass panel was totally normal.

When looking at the glass straight on, it was totally clear. No green tint!

Our friend who did the tile left a notch for the glass when he put the chair rail in place. It was perfect!

After letting the adhesive set for 24 hours, the shower is ready to be used! Jack has taken to sitting in the shower, but I don't think he realizes that he's going to be getting a bath this weekend in his favorite hangout spot!


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