Our First Bathroom Remodel (a pre-accessorizing reveal)

The first and second posts that I wrote this week were covering the progress on our bathroom from July to December. Today's post is about where we are today.

There are still a few things left on our checklist (the glass shower screen, a vanity mirror, and towel bars), but we're at the point where there is not more major work to be done.

I should note that I don't love the paint color on the walls (Benjamin Moore Ice Mist), but it works for now. We might opt to put some color on the walls once we have other rooms decorated.

I can't believe Whole Foods has peonies right now. Are they going to be a year-round flower? 

I was so nervous about buying our vanity online, but I am really impressed with it.  

 I held my breath as I installed the toilet paper holder. I have a whole post about the hardware coming. Needless to say, Restoration Hardware can be such a challenge to work with...but their hardware is so darn pretty. 

No monograms on the towels yet, but I'll get to them eventually. 

The niche! You can't really tell here, but it's super deep.

The floor and shower tiles side-by-side, with a nice, marble threshold between them. 

We expect the shower screen and mirror to be done within the next week, so I'll still have some developments to share!


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