Our First Bathroom Remodel in the "New" House, Part 2

I shared so many ugly pictures in the first part of this bathroom reveal that I think I need to just get something pretty on here quickly.

So, here's our floor and shower tile:

I picked the Tagina tile at Wainwright Tile and Stone here in Charlottesville. They had the sample of the tile we'd use in the main part of the bathroom, that larger tile above. They didn't have a sample of the mosaic we'd use in the shower. Tagina didn't even have a picture of it. We ordered it off a drawing.

Here's our second speed bump. The gray and white color combination and this pattern weren't in stock in the United States. I tried to look for something else, but nothing really spoke to me, so we ordered this tile in July and it didn't arrive until October.  At the time, I said it was worth it because I loved the tile so much.


When the floor went down in the main part of the bathroom, I was in love!

Now we encountered our next road block. This was bizarre, but at this point not surprising. We were short on the shower tile. The shower tile that took 12 weeks to arrive. Cue everyone trying to figure out why the amount was off. I was so tired of this project that I didn't care WHY there wasn't enough tile. I just wanted to know how we could get more without waiting 12 weeks. The answer was that we had to spend a stupid amount of money.

The original order of tile came to us from Italy via a container ship. That wasn't going to work this time, so we spent more on shipping than on tile to get it here in ten days. When the shower tile went down, I wasn't so sure about it at first...but I now think that seeing it with the green backer board around it was throwing me off.

Believe it or not, once the shower tile was in, things moved pretty quickly. Our friend who does tile spent a few long days putting in the subway tile (we used a size a little larger than traditional 3x6). 

I know dark grout is still super hot, but I love white grout lines on the wall. I think it helps this tiny room look a little larger. We took the tile halfway up the wall and added chair rail all the way around.

The day fixtures went in, I deliberately stayed away until they were totally done. I had my own mini-reveal that day! The end was in sight!

We were originally going to have a long niche across the far wall in the shower, but that wall backs up to cinder block. Our tile guy suggested an extra-deep niche in the same wall as the shower. Now that we had extra mosaic tile, we could put that tile in the back of the niche for a little visual interest.

 Once again, I've gone on for way too long. I guess there's going to be a part 3 tomorrow.


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