A John Morris Spirograph from Ryland Woodard Interior Design

An old friend who lives in Manhattan tagged me in a giveaway on Instagram a few months ago and I was surprised to see that the item was just an hour away from me. The Richmond-based team at Ryland Woodard Interior Design was giving away a spirograph by John Morris, also from Richmond.

Did you have a spirograph kit as a child? I didn't have one, but I remember being mesmerized by them at friends' houses. John's spirographs are definitely quite a bit nicer than the ones we made with ball point pens and scrap paper!

I haven't felt like any space in our house was complete enough to serve as a backdrop for photos of the piece. The newly-completed bathroom makes a great backdrop and the lighting is pretty nice!

As I've mentioned before, I like art that is quirky or that makes me smile. I love the fact that this spirograph reminds me of some of my childhood friends and that I won it because of someone I knew back in elementary school. I haven't found it's permanent home in the house just yet, but I know it'll make ms smile wherever it lands.


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