The Lynchburg Design House LAST WEEKEND!

I've been a little busy with work and haven't had a chance to share information about the Lynchburg Design House. I am so thrilled to see another design house in our region. The Charlottesville Design House happens each spring, the Richmond Symphony Design House is held every other year in the summer, the Southern Living Idea House (two years straight, not sure about the future of that), and now the Lynchburg house.

The Lynchburg Design House benefits the YWCA of Central Virginia. I spent some time volunteering there a few years ago and they have some wonderful programs. A very generous family offered a spectacular home for the inaugural Lynchburg Design House and the Central VA design community collaborated to create beautiful rooms and incredible inspiration for us to enjoy!

This is the last weekend to visit the Lynchburg Design House. The weather in Central Virginia is going to be absolutely beautiful, so why not take a ride the Lynchburg to check it out? While you're in town, stop by the J. Crew Warehouse for some shopping!

For more information and to buy tickets, visit the Lynchburg Design House website. Follow them on Facebook for even more pictures from the house!

Here's a look at a few "before" pictures from the house:

I have NO idea...


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