The Decorist Experience Part 3: The EDesign Boards

In my last post about the Decorist experience, I went over the process of submitting information about my living room to the Decorist team and being matched with a designer, Alexis Robbins.

The second phase of the Decorist process requires a tough decision. The designer presents you with two mini design boards and explains some of the selections made. Once you select a board, a full design is created.

Our living room is next to the foyer, which is painted in BM Shell Pink, and our dining room, painted in BM Crystalline. I wanted to living room design to work with those soft pink and aqua colors. In my head, the room was going to be pink and all the upholstery would be aqua. Thank goodness for Alex, who came up with two sophisticated boards. Even in the truncated stage, I knew the final designs would be amazing.

Decorist Option 1:

I loved the soothing palette on this board. The draperies jumped out at me. In my original survey, I told Alexis that I was open to some DIY projects and she suggested I attach some pretty trim to some pre-made drapes to get a custom look. I loved her furniture selections, especially the Oomph table, the lattice chair, and the spindle stool. Alexis suggested layering a Caitlin Wilson rug over a larger natural fiber rug. I have always liked that layered look, but wasn't sure about the right mix of rugs to achieve it, so that was really interesting!

Decorist Option 2:  


This option obviously pulls in navy as a third color. The aqua color is present in the Caitlin Wilson pillow and pink is a strong accent color. I was excited to see my tête-à-tête in the design and the navy accent chair was something I hadn't seen before, but reminded me of a McGuire chair I have loved for a long time (and saw in the basement sale section at the Georgetown Baker Furniture store). 

It was time to make a decision. Keep in mind that about two and a half weeks had gone by since I started my survey and took pictures of my room. This all was happening quickly! 

I'll share my decision tomorrow, but I'm curious about what you all think...


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