The Decorist Experience Part 5: The Final Design

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Here it is! The final installment of my Decorist series. In case it wasn't evident, I really enjoyed the process that I described in the four previous posts I wrote about the Decorist experience. After designer Alexis Robbins presented me with two design boards, I spent a few days thinking about both options and selected one that introduced navy into our home's color scheme as the winner.

A short time later, the final design was ready for me to view inside my project on the Decorist site. The first page was a design board with an introduction from Alexis. If you've been following the series, you can see that she switched out the drapes to ones like the pair she had in the design board I didn't select. She also pulled in a gold etagere like the Ikea hack on which I was working.

The second part of the final design was the floor plan. It is so helpful to have a professional do some space planning. I wouldn't have put a bench near the entrance of the room (on the left in the image below), but it makes sense! I also wasn't sure about a sofa at the far end of the room, but Alexis found one that was a great fit for the space.

The last page of the final design included extensive instructions, even including alternative chairs to use in case one that is out of stock doesn't become available again. Alexis put together a detailed shopping list to complete the design. She included alternative selections in the shopping list, too. 

Decorist offers to manage ordering all of the items, but also includes links to every item on a store or catalog website. I'll be accumulating items slowly with a goal to have the room complete next Christmas, so I won't be using that service. However, I think it's a great option for those who don't want to deal with gathering items from dozens of ompanies.

I was so excited about my design that I wanted to dive in right away, but we have another major project wrapping up right now (more on that soon!), so this will have to wait. I did email Alexis to ask if she had any suggestions for paint and she recommended either Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee if we wanted to go with a neutral backdrop or Farrow and Ball's Calamine to add color.

I don't think I can overstate how happy I am with the entire Decorist experience. Start to finish, the entire process took about three weeks and I felt like my designer was eager to take all the information I gave her into account.

If you are interested in Decorist, I strongly suggest to join their mailing list and follow them on social media. They offer a service where they'll answer questions from subscribers and sometimes send special promotions in the emails, too. You can also use the code smallchic20 for $20 off any Decorist Design Service.


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