The Decorist Experience Part 4: Picking My Design

*If you want to read how we got to this point, check out Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.*

After providing Decorist with details about the living room with which I wanted some help and being matched with designer Alexis Robbins, I was presented with two preliminary design boards and some general information about each. Once I picked a board, Alexis would create a full design including a floor plan, shopping list, and instructions for making everything work in my room.

As a recap, here were the two options:

Thoughts on the first design:

My initial reaction was to select the first design because it blended the colors in adjacent rooms perfectly. Our dining room is aqua and our foyer is pink. Most of the people to whom I showed the options thought this was the one that looked like me, if that makes sense.

Thoughts on the second design:

Seeing navy introduced was a really nice surprise! The more I looked at the design, the more I liked it. Navy is probably the color I wear the most (which is why I was surprised when people said this design didn't look like my style). This was the design that Marc liked the most.

I decided to go with the Design #2. It wasn't easy to pick a favorite and I went back and forth for about four days, but in the end, the furniture pieces and color scheme of the second design won out. The Navy Fleur pillow by Caitlin Wilson pulled in both colors in the adjacent rooms, too.

When you log your decision into Decorist's website, you can add comments or ask questions. I asked it if was possible to use drapes like the ones in the first design in my room. While I liked the greek key drapes from Ballard Designs in the second design, I loved the idea of a nice, wide trim on the edge of the drapes.

Next time, I'll share the final state of the Decorist process, which was a flood of great information. They don't just drop a design board and shopping list into your project. I think you'll be surprised!


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