Introducing Bear Haven

One of my favorite parts of a drive through our county is seeing the names of different properties on beautiful signs along the road. Whether ornate or simple, on classic posts or hanging from elaborate brackets, the signs give a hint to what is down the long driveway behind it.

Marc always said he wanted a home with a name and when we left the condo and moved to our house, he started calling it Bear Haven (Bear was our late golden retriever's nick name).

A few months ago, I was in a sign shop (Hightech Signs) having some items made for my office and asked if they could make signs for a home. It would be the perfect birthday/Christmas present for my husband. My salesperson was enthusiastic and I quickly sketched a design for her. Within a couple hours, she sent me this:

I debated about whether the "Est 2013" should be the year that we got married or the year that we bought the home. Since the sign was for the home, I stuck with the year that we moved in.

We debated brackets for a while and I decided that we wanted a simple installation under our mailbox, so an iron bracket wouldn't make sense.

While I was waiting for the sign to be made, Marc told me that he was thinking of having one made and I felt forced to reveal the big surprise early. That also meant that when the sign arrived about a month later, I could hang it up and not hide it somewhere in the house!

Marc finally has his wish and we both have something that makes us smile when we come home.


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