Uncovering a Surprise in Our Foyer

I shared a picture of our foyer in my post about Halloween decorations that showed a light fixture I purchased at the Kellogg Collection in Richmond a year ago. I can't believe I let it sit for so long! My mother's visit prompted us to take care of getting it hung. I was pretty crafty about cropping that picture.

Here's what was missing from that picture:

The decorative, plaster swirls that we had sanded down when we first bought the house were under the old light fixture. I had really hoped that the light fixture was original and was in place before the decorative plaster was put on the ceilings. No such luck.

So now we have to decide what to do about this. We could do nothing, we could bring the drywall guys back in and have the ceiling sanded and retextured, or we could add a ceiling medallion to cover this whole thing up.

I've seen some similar light fixtures with medallions or sunbursts and they look great.

From Shades of Light

I've also seen DIY projects that mimic that look using skewers, dowels, or wood shims, but I'm not sure I'm up for that right now since I'm starting my busy season at work.

Our ceilings aren't high, so a medallion might be out of place in this room. I usually associate them with grand spaces and large, crystal chandeliers.

For now, I'm happy to be very close to done with the foyer. In the current state, I am happy to welcome people through our front door!


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