The Decorist Experience, Part 1

I mentioned possibly looking for some help with getting our living room to a more complete state. I loved the idea of e-design, when design pros work on spaces virtually. Decorist is a company that facilitates the entire e-design process and they actually reached out to me when I mentioned them in a previous post and offered to work with me.

I answered a detailed, but completely manageable questionnaire about our living room, my hopes for the space, and my design style. I could also list items I want to keep in the room and send links to Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs. Once I uploaded photos and a floor plan, the Decorist team looked at my information and matched me with a designer.

The next step will include design boards and I can't wait!

The Decorist team is giving all of you a chance to try their service at a discount! Use the code smallchic20 for $20 off any Decorist Design Service.

For now, check out the floor plan and photos I send to Decorist. My designer has her work cut out for her.

We literally use half of the room right now. The back half of the room is where Jack the puppy "winds up" when he has "the zoomies." The zoomies are short bursts of puppy energy and they are hilarious to watch.

 It's a sad space right now, but I think it has a lot of potential! I can't wait to see the plans my designer comes up with for the room!


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