The 2016 Spider House

We are nerds for Halloween now that we live in a house. During our condo years, we would do some decorating and buy candy in hopes of having trick-or-treaters, but it never happened. When we moved to the house, we were so excited to finally have a yard and a neighborhood full of kids so we would have visitors on Halloween.

I came up with the idea of having a theme that we could build on each year. We considered themes like pumpkins, ravens (Edgar Allen Poe spent some of his student years in Charlottesville), owls, ghosts, spiders, and many other ideas. The spiders stuck and the Spider House was born. This was our third year creating the Spider House and we are so happy with how it turned out.

First, we opened up the storage containers to see what we used last year and what I bought on November 1, 2014 (I grab spiders at the post-Halloween sales like it's Black Friday) to add to the displays.

Our favorite addition to the menagerie was Frances, the giant spider we got at Costco. It was so creepy that I refused to handle it when I opened the box. Marc set her up on the roof over our front door with two huge, rope webs coming off the roof over her. I hung about a dozen "baby" spiders from the web.

Almost everything in the yard, from our boxwoods to our little garden bench, was covered in web so our team of spiders had perches. Marc made webs in some of the wooded parts of the property, too.

I made this spider last year in about 10 minutes. It's terrible, but it does the job. Marc made me a sandwich board a few weeks ago and I made it into a sign that would point people to the house from the side of property that is on a busier road that the one our front door is on. 

We have been slowly increasing our lighting as well. Our new addition this year was a projection gadget that made spiders dance across one side of the house. I would love to find a second for the other side!

I have always thought that this was all plenty scary for little kids, but Marc has started to add some more creepy things on one side of the property. One of the funnier things he did was wrap a skeleton in web and have it sit in the diver's seat of his truck. Really little children weren't tall enough to see it, but the tweens were and we got a few screams.

The inside decorations were more tame. I put jumping spiders up all over the foyer and covered our door and sidelights with spider cut outs.

The above picture was taken earlier in the month. The one below is from Halloween night. I had more spiders on the walls the kids would see when the door was open.

A little friend joined us...

One of the best parts of the weekend was when one mom thanked us for what we did. Another mom said she has arachnophobia, but that she loves our house!

Of course, this morning had us back at the Halloween store to stock up on a few new critters and gadgets to use next year and then the task of packing everything up began. We left the webs and lights up for one more night.

Happy Halloween from the Spider House!


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