I had reason to go into my Photobucket album (that I haven't touched in years) this morning and came across this photo from my condo before I owned it, when it was still a rental unit. The whole thing was painted in "builder beige" during that period.

My decorating style was formal and even a little stuff back then, but one thing I regret is selling my small collection of blue and white Chinoiserie vases and ginger jars. I bought most of them at antique stores around the Charlottesville area. None of them were precious antiques, but I loved them. The one in the middle of this picture was on a high shelf at a place in Ruckersville that is basically an old garage. It was filthy, but I knew it would clean up nicely!

 Looking at photos from the early days of the blog, I know I still had my collection when I bought the condo in 2008 and painted the main part of the unit with Benjamin Moore's Smoke. I had a simple point-and-shoot camera back then, so my pictures were pretty bad!

When you live in a small space, a change in decorating means parting with old things to make way for the new. I remember selling the collection as a whole set, so perhaps someone else has them displayed together on a sideboard or shelf.


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