One Room Challenge Week 7: The Costs

I rarely furnish a room all at once, so I never post how much I have spent on a space. The One Room Challenge provided me with the opportunity. I went from an empty room to a furnished one in six weeks and can track what I spent on everything.

Some of the prices I paid are a little lower than the prices you might see online because of coupon codes or sales that were going on while I made my purchases. I believe the headboard was 20% when I ordered it. The West Elm duvet was a clearance item and I had a 15% off coupon code when I ordered the matching drapes. The pillows and clock I bought at Pottery Barn were 10% off. I happened to walk into Grand Home Furnishings to look at mattresses during their anniversary sale and I think I got 10% off the price of the bed and free delivery.

There are three more things we want to do in the room: have the closet doors hung properly, get a full-length mirror, and add a bench at the foot of the bed. Some day, I'll circle back to this room and upgrade the nightstands to better pieces. For now, the little Ikea pieces work.


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