One Room Challenge Week 5: An Ikea Hack and Other Projects

We are one week away from the big reveals in the One Room Challenge and I'm at a point where the guest room on which I've been working is functioning well, it just needs final touches to make it feel like a cozy, welcoming space. My mother, whose visit was the reason I embarked on this project, actually stayed with us about a week ago and she thought the room was comfortable. In fact, she said she loved the bed and pillows (thank you, Costco).

It's time to recap a whole slew of projects that got done for week 5. I was going in several different directions...

First of all, the bed was completed the week prior and now I had to figure out what I was going to do for bedside tables. I didn't have time to order something online and wasn't seeing anything I liked locally. I wanted there to be some storage on either side of the bed because the room wasn't large enough to have a dresser. I had just over 28 inches on either side of the bed and most nightstands I saw were just a tad too big. On a whim, I started looking at Ikea and I saw some incredibly cheap little chests that were the right size.

The RAST nightstands are tiny, unfinished, and cheap ($35 each!). I plowed ahead and ordered some O'verlays to hopefully dress the pieces up and took a morning to drive up to Ikea and pick up the chests. That night, I started painting the different pieces.

I was nervous that the O'verlays confirmation said that they might take a couple weeks to arrive, but I think they came in less than a week! I ordered some for another project I'll share later...

Once attached to the drawer fronts of the RAST chests, the O'verlays looked fantastic. The overall look reminded me of a Hickory Chair chest that I have admired for years.

The lighting situation isn't ideal at the moment. I pulled a set of pineapple lamps from another room and replaced their black shades with white ones.

I made a mad dash around town to find drapes before my mother arrived, but nothing worked. I ultimately ordered a set from West Elm that match the coverlet on the bed. They weren't here in time for my mother's visit, but I got them hung the other day and I think they make the room feel a little more cozy.

So here's where we are right now. I don't love the Ikea nightstands and am wondering if changing the color (or adding something like a gel stain?) might help. I need to accessorize and figure out the art situation before the final week. I also need to get the closet doors hung and find a mirror.
The full room (pardon the the time I get home from work, natural light is gone):

Even though the room works and had already hosted our first guest, it still doesn't feel finished to me.


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