One Room Challenge Week 6: The Guest Room Reveal

The end of the One Room Challenge is here. If you haven't been following along, this project has become a bit of a tradition in the home/DIY blogsphere. Originally started by Calling it Home, the challenge has several bloggers renovating or decorating a room in six weeks with the assistance of a host of sponsors. Dozens of random bloggers join in, most of us without any sponsors, and tackle a room as well.

In case you didn't figure it out, I'm one of the random bloggers.

I decided to get our guest room ready for a visit from my mother. As a reminder, here's what the room looked like originally:

My progress was pretty rapid. My mother actually visited us at the end of October and stayed in the room. I hadn't done any accessorizing, but the basics were in place: the Ballard Designs bed, the rug,  the Ikea bedside tables with O'verlays on them, and some simple, bamboo blinds were hung over the windows.

After my mother's visit, I added drapes and accessories on the night tables. I refuse to say I "styled" them. That sort of implies that everything is in place and I'm not that type when it comes to my home. I like things to evolve, so what you see in the images below might be different from what you'd see a week from now.

Oh, and as a reminder, I have a pretty intense job that has me occupied during the day and my photos are all taken at night. Images taken in natural light are idea, but they aren't in the cards for me.

Here we go...

You can see the monograms I made peeking out there!

The bedside tables have a mixture of practical and decorative items.That painting below is by Brent Smith and my husband bought it for me at Folly, a home furnishing store here in Charlottesville. The oversized clock is from Pottery Barn, the small tray is from a store called Artifacts that no longer exists, and the lamps were a Craigslist find.

On the other side of the bed, I hung one of my husband's favorite picture of our late dog, Baxter, low on the wall. I found a simple, wood tray to hold my Gurgle Pot (the most delightful makes a gurgle noise when you pour) and a glass. 

The walls are almost bare and I'm find with that for now. Some day, I hope we'll stumble upon something that is meant for that longest wall. I'm not the type to compromise just to check something off the list of things to do.

We did hang another Brent Smith painting on the wall that faces the door into the room so we would see the painting every time we were in the hallway and walked by the room. 

Having my mother say that sleeping in the bed was very comfortable.

Low Lights
Not really liking the Ikea nightstands. It's no surprise since my favorite furniture companies are Hickory Chair, Vanguard, and the like. The nightstands function, so I'm going to let them be for now. Eventually, I think I'll replace them with better quality pieces.

The Unfinished Project
Many of the ORC guest participants (unsponsored people) wind up not having a reveal on reveal day. Six weeks goes by quickly! I, too, have an unfinished project. I bought new closet doors for the room, painted them, and installed the first in just a couple minutes. When I went to install the second door, I realized that it was about a quarter of an inch too wide. My mother was pretty much en route at that point, so I just put the door in the closet and went on with the rest of the things I had to do.

Would I do it again? 
Last week, one reader asked if I would do this again and if I found it stressful. I was lucky that my room was a blank slate and I didn't involve any contractors. The only time when I was a little stressed was when the delivery service for our Ballard Designs bed wasn't calling the right phone number the make arrangements. That was such a tiny issue, though.

What's Next?
The bathroom that we've been working on is starting to come together. I'll be posting a big progress report next week!

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