What is it about Fridays?

In a way, I should be thankful. Every time our little dog had a major medical problem, it happened on a Friday and we had the weekend to recover. As a puppy, he had an uncommon hernia (not the kind that many puppies get) and after a day of tests at our vet, we were told to rush to a trauma center in Richmond for surgery on a Friday night.

Post-surgery in when he was a puppy

In May, when we sent him in for an emergency surgery to remove his spleen, it was on a Friday. And now, our sweet dog decided to let us know that he was done fighting cancer on a Friday.

I got home from a frustrating trip to Richmond (it's home related and I'll write about it soon) and Marc told me that Baxter was fine, but Jack the puppy had been sick all day. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. We had a quiet night with the puppy feeling under the weather. Around 9:30 PM, Baxter got up from his mat and walked over to us at the sofa. He looked at Marc for a minute and we thought he wanted some food (his eating had gotten erratic) or to go outside. I got up to put a jacket on. As I turned, Baxter wobbled a bit and then collapsed.

I was convinced he was leaving us on the spot and broke down. Marc calmly moved him so he had plenty of room to spread out. Our little dog was conscious, but his breathing was very labored. We laid on either side of him and tried to comfort him. He picked up his head a few times, but was too weak to move his body. We wound up piling the floor with blankets and pillows so we could sleep all together that night. We barely slept. When I did sleep, I'd wake up startled and reach over to feel for Baxter's heart beat. I was so scared that he would die alone that night, but he made it until the morning.

"We're all going to sleep in a real pile"

Saturday was incredibly hard, but a devastating event was made easier by the amazing compassion of the folks at Georgetown Veterinary. We literally have the best vet in the world in Dr. Mike Fietz. 

We've been in tears a lot in the last couple days and I don't know how long that will last, but we've also talked a lot about the cute things Baxter did or fun adventures we had with him. Friends and colleagues have been so wonderful, sending us notes of support. Our neighbors even brought us a care package last night.

I don't know if I can hop back to home posts right away, so I hope you'll excuse me if I take couple days off.


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