The Small and Chic Home Featured by Elle Decor!

I was completely floored the other day when I get an email from an Elle Decor marked "TIME SENSITIVE." I opened it assuming it was time to renew my subscription! Imagine my surprise when I found a lovely note from an editor who was working on a piece about small homes. She wanted to know if she could lift an image of our old condo from my blog and how I'd like the image credited.

In what might have been my fastest email response ever, I replied that she was welcome to take whatever she wanted! The more I thought about it, the more it seemed unlikely that any images of mind would be used. I never had my condo professionally photographed. I took the pictures on the House Tour page with a rented lens (albeit a good one) and I'm well aware that they aren't fabulous photos. I kept an eye on Elle Decor's Facebook page anyway and waited.

This evening, I saw a post that I thought could be the one that editor wrote. I clicked over and was pretty sure my condo didn't make the cut. The cover image on the piece was a sleek, beautiful, and obviously professional decorated and photographed home.

I clicked through the gallery and saw one incredible home after another. All had credits of architects or professional designers, but the last image in the slide show was my little living room.

I am so paralyzed with our current living room and have been thinking about using one of those e-design services like Laurel and Wolf, Decorist, or Havenly to help me figure out a plan for it. Seeing my old space used as an example by a publication like Elle Decor is making me think I should trust myself make the room homey and welcoming.

For now, I'll just enjoy the pat on the back from that lovely editor.


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