The $2 Million House Gets an Update

Back in September, I shared images from the MLS listing for a house I drive by on the way to work every day. The house was originally listed for $2.5 million and the price had dropped to $2.25 million. I didn't think the images did the house any justice and many of you agreed in your comments!

I thought that changing the paint, proper staging, and professional photography could help the house a lot. The bathrooms and kitchen did not seem like ones that went in a house with the asking price. The neighborhood is nice, but the house is right on the street and about a block away from student apartment buildings and fraternity houses.

Well, the listing has been updated! The construction equipment is gone and some of the rooms are staged. The photography is professional (though some of the original images are still on the listing, too). Unfortunately, the colors haven't changed and the bathrooms still bother me. Still, the new images are a huge improvement!

The garage is still gray while the house is painted beige. I don't understand why they don't match.

I feel like it's begging for shutters.

If it were mine, I'd repaint every surface. The dark colors feel dated to me.

No big changes in the kitchen.

The stove has six burners, so why does this space feel so small?

Is the hand shower unit mounted at the ceiling with a step under it? So to get it down to use, you have to get on top of the step?

I want to move all of the showerheads. And extend the tile. And change the tile.

That showerhead looks right to me.

The screen is supposed to be mounted on the wall, right?

Where did this bathroom's floor come from? It looks like the vinyl we had in the condo when we moved in.

Maybe I'm being tough, but when I look at homes with similar prices in the area, I see some lovely places. I think this house has so much potential.


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