One Room Challenge Week 2: Shopping the House and Picking Paint

I threw myself into the One Room Challenge at the last minute. There was no mood board, no Pinterst board of inspiration pics (I grabbed a few that I had pinned years ago to a "Beautiful Bedrooms" board so last week's post wasn't 100% scary pictures). This room has to get done quickly.

As a reminder, the One Room Challenge is a six-week room redesign project created by Linda at Calling it Home. There are a bunch of bloggers who are working with some sponsors on their rooms and then a slew of randoms that join in through a link up. I'm one of the randoms and I'm getting our guest room ready for it's first visitor, my mother.

Last week, I showed the room when we moved in and how it was looking after took down the wallpaper and give it a thorough cleaning. Now it's time to pick paint.

Picking Paint for the Guest Room

I always intended on painting the guest room with leftover paint. Back when we were getting ready to sell my condo, I changed the color in our bedroom from a warm yellow to a very light and clean beige, Benjamin Moore's Maritime White. I thought it would be a nice change and that it would appeal to buyers more than the yellow.

When the bedroom was yellow:

The switch to Maritime White:

I hadn't bought paint in a while and I stupidly asked the paint guys how much to buy. They suggested two gallons for a small bedroom with three doors and a massive, double window. I pretty much only use Benjamin Moore's Aura paint, which covers amazingly, so I only used about half a gallon on that project. I was so irritated by all that extra paint. I painted one bedroom with Maritime White when we moved into our house and still have almost a gallon left.

But I am not a beige person. I like blues and greens on the walls. So just as Marc was headed out the door one morning, I asked him to pick up a gallon of Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue. I worried about the snap decision for the rest of the day.

That night, Marc painted the ceiling of the guest room (BM White Dove in eggshell finish...some sheen on the ceiling try it!) and the extra sheen immediately made the room feel a little taller. Next, it was time for me to put Palladian Blue on the walls.

I've always loved the color in pictures. When I opened the can, I has a fleeting thought that it was too strong, but after I started painting, that faded.

Living with off-white walls in many of our rooms has made me a little nervous about color. I have never second guessed myself as much as I do now. I love the result, though.

Shopping the House

When people talk about "shopping the house," it usually makes me think they have too much stuff, but I actually realized that one of the items on my checklist for the guest room was already taken care of - the bedding.

I feel like I keep referencing the condo as if we just moved out, but we lived there until 2012. When we were about to put the place on the market, I momentarily bought into that philosophy that you have to neutralize everything in your place (my real estate agent talked me out of that and reminded me that selling a lifestyle is important and some personality is good). Well, I had already bought a pretty Pottery Barn duvet cover in a pattern called Sydney Palampore. I never put it on our bed and tucked it away with our other linens.

At this point, I had so much momentum that I started making decisions VERY quickly. I was walking through Tuesday Morning one afternoon (THE spot for finding Peacock Alley linens at a discount) and saw a rug that I thought would go with the duvet cover. I didn't even think much about it. I bought it.

Now I need a real list so I can keep track of what still needs to be done.

1. Prep walls and paint (BM Paladin Blue on walls, White Dove on ceiling and trim)
2. Purchase rug
3. Buy a bed
4. Buy a mattress
5. Assemble bed linens, embroider or monogram some of them
6. Buy closet doors, paint, and install them
7. Select window treatments, buy, and install
8. Find bedside tables
9. Figure out lighting
10. Find a full-length mirror
11. Go through art and pull anything that might work in the room
12. Look for storage bench for foot of bed, if time allows

The clock is ticking. The room has already come a long way, don't you think?


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