One Room Challenge Week 1: The Before

If you are visiting for the first time through the One Room Challenge, welcome! I'm Jeannine and I started this blog in 2009 to document upgrades I made to a 785 square foot condo in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. After getting married (I wrote as Miss Mink on Weddingbee while planning) a few years ago, my husband and I moved to a home outside of town that needed some a lot of work. We have a "buy once" philosophy, which has meant having a few rooms that are empty until we can complete them with materials and furniture we truly love.

I used to think the One Room Challenge was insane. One group of chosen bloggers get sponsors to help them redo one room in their homes in six weeks. Dozens of random [nobody] bloggers tag on with a link up to do the challenge in their own homes. I have never been quick to make decorating decisions. On top of that, working and having frequent business trips means I never thought I had time to complete a room in six weeks.

BUT my mother is coming to visit and something tells me that she isn't going to be cool sleeping on our awesome sofa or an air mattres. So, I'm going to be one of the random, nobody bloggers joining the One Room Challenge to give me the momentum to get this room done.

That makes it official, right? Now I have to do it.

Disclaimer: This before is hideous. I looked at some of the other "before" pictures of ORC participants and most of them are pretty great already.  When one participate wrote "avert your eyes!" and showed a mirror that might have been hung off-center in a pretty normal looking bedroom, I kind of laughed. This before is a good one. This home is from 1974 and though
some fabulous things came out of the 70s (like Stevie Wonder, Star Wars, Post-It notes, and me), the house is dated.

You've been warned. Here's the room when we moved in:

What you can't see is that this house was filthy when we moved in. Here's a close-up of that wallpaper:

The back sides of those closet doors looked like this:

Come at me, ORC participants. Who has a before picture that's worse?

 Needless to say, I scraped and scrubbed everything for weeks (and maybe months) after we moved in. I took all the wallpaper down and I removed all the closet doors because the louvers were caked in crud.

Earlier this week, I decided to go over the walls to make sure every last remnant of wallpaper was gone. I washed the wallpaper glue off with a mixture of hot water and vinegar (so much better than a chemical stripper!).

So what is the plan? I want a serene, calming guest bedroom that isn't fussy. No color riots. No cluttered surfaces.

Some of the bedroom pictures I've been drawn to recently...

1. Totally neutral. It just seems to calm, doesn't it?

2. Blues. Blue rooms are always my favorites. This first image has our bed in it!

Photography by Jacob Snavely.
Photography by Jacob Snavely.
Photography by Jacob Snavely.
Photography by Jacob Snavely.
Photography by Jacob Snavely.

3. Tiny Rooms. These last two are from small bedrooms that Sarah Richardson designed. The last one is from the Sarah's House show (the second season). 

Next week, I'll talk about paint. Because in this disaster room, I need to take baby steps.


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