A New Look for Bed, Bath, and Beyond?

I've been scrambling to get our guest room ready and made a quick stop at a Bed, Bath, & Beyond in Fairfax county last night to look at curtain rods. The first half of the store looked just like the BB&B we have in Charlottesville. The far side of the store was completely different, though. BB&B has really stepped things up when it comes to their bedding section. The walls of packages are still there, but the area feels much more open and the displays are lovely. If the ceilings were lower, it could be mistaken for the linen section of a nice department store!

On top of that, the brands carried by this BB&B were a bit nicer than the ones I've seen at our local store. I saw Frette (probably a lower line just for the store), Kate Spade, Barbara Barry (my local store has one style, this one had several), and Beekman 1802. I didn't know the Beekman Boys had branched out into bedding! I used to watch the cutest TV show about them on Planet Green.

Even the fixtures are a step up from the ones I am used to. 

I wonder if this is a sign of things to come for other locations? Is there local BB&B like this one?


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