A Bathroom Update

After 13 weeks, the tile I ordered for our downstairs bathroom arrived! I think I got to Wainwright Tile within an hour of getting the email from my sales person, Diane. I couldn't haul the boxes home in my car, but Diane gave me samples to take home and Marc went back with his truck the next morning to bring the boxes home.

I ordered the mosaic that we are using in the shower without seeing it and I am thrilled with how it looks. We'll have a marble slab between the floor tile and the shower mosaic...

Grout is something I obsessed over the last time we did a bathroom. I regret not going a shade darker than "silver shadow" on the floor in that bathroom. It got dirty pretty easily. This time, I went with a true gray grout for the floor and then white on the walls. My tile guy talked up something with more contrast and I realize that the look is very popular right now, but it's not my stile. I want my grout to blend in. I went with a grout that was just a tiny bit off-white.

I guess this isn't the most exciting update, but it means that all of our materials are IN the house. No more waiting for FedEx or UPS to show up with something. No more runs to Lowe's (for this project, at least).

Oh wait. I just realized that I decided to wait until the room was done to select a mirror for over the vanity and to get a glass shower door installed. So we are still a little ways away from a reveal.


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