Mixing Chrome and Nickel in the Bathroom

I wrote a post about mixing metals in the bathroom we are renovating a while because because my vanity came with a pretty, brushed nickel faucet. I prefer polished finishes and wound up buying a similar style faucet in polished chrome. The new faucet is by Newport Brass, which I think is a great company with a solid reputation. The faucet is beautiful and heavy.

After trying to assemble all the needed parts for the shower, I got frustrated and bought a "kit" that met our needs from Pottery Barn. It was expensive, but a little less so with a coupon code. That set is also polished chrome.

After I procured these items, I got busy with other things. When we started work on the bathroom, our contractor asked to see the other fixtures - towel bars, mirror, and shelving. I never got to those purchases.

So over the weekend, I was near the Restoration Hardware outlet and went in to see if I could pick up a few items at a discount. Though I loathe what they've done with their furniture, I love the plumbing fixtures at RH and easily found a few items I liked. I wound up with a Lugarno toilet paper holder and wastepaper basket. Most of that line is on sale on the RH website right now, so I figured I could round up the rest of the items up this week online.

I went to order a towel ring and hook tonight and realized that I have inadvertently mixed metals. The toilet paper holder I bought is polished nickel. The difference between the holder and a handle from our faucet set is pretty noticeable.

The toilet paper holder is going on the side of the vanity and isn't really going to be seen much, so I figured I would just move on and get chrome for the rest of the items.

But then I started looking at train racks. The RH train rack has hooks attached to it and I really wanted a simple towel bar. I wanted to put the train rack up over the toilet and have towels hanging under it with monograms visible.

Luckily, Pottery Barn has a train rack that looks a lot like the Lugarno line, the Mercer rack. The only hitch: the Mercer rack only comes in polished nickel.


So now I have to make a decision. Do I get everything in polished nickel? Just have the train rack in polished nickel? Find an entirely new train rack?


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