Shop Tour: Green Front Furniture in Farmville, Part 3

I've saved the best for last! I loved my visit to Green Front Furniture in Farmville and the buildings I've shared in Part 1 and Part 2 were full of wonderful pieces. However, Buildings 9 and 10, where the higher end furniture lines are housed, were my favorites.

Building 9 is also where my salesperson, Christie Jones, has her work space (her area is surrounded by beautiful Hickory Chair vignettes).

Some of these items are old samples that were in showrooms (it seems that a lot comes from High Point Market). Some pieces never made it into the company catalogs, but there are some that are recognizable from ads. When possible, the Green Front staff displays an ad in which an item has appeared.

I purchased three items during my visit and all of then are in these photos. I'll share them later this week!

The basement of Building 9 is a little different from the other areas. It houses a Van Thiel Showroom, which has antique and reclaimed items. They have a post on their blog about it. Though most of the items were too big for my home, they were fun to look at!


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