Embroidery Studio Tour

I spent so much time in the studio this week that it was a disaster zone. When deadlines are looming, I don't always put my supplies away. The result made me do a big clean up last night and when a room is looking tidy, I tend to photograph it.

 I last shared this room in January. Since them, my thread racks have expanded and my sample board has gone from empty to cluttered.

Most sewing studios I see are a little messy and I think my wall of storage is why I can clean mine up pretty quickly. When we moved in, I didn't think I could fill the deep shelves behind those doors, but they are full of fabric, stabilizers, and supplies.

I can't convey how much time is spent ironing and starching when you do embroidery. Everything has to be ironed and any cottons have to be starched heavily to embroider nicely.

I never used to save my test stitch-outs (before I use a design on something important, I use it on a piece of inexpensive fabric), but I save them so I can reference them without even opening my embroidery software.

I'll be starting my next round of projects, some items for babies, tonight!


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