An Unexpected Bosch Dishwasher Purchase

We have definitely gotten a few curve balls thrown our way this summer. Another one came our way last week in the kitchen.

The brand-new dishwasher in the kitchen at our house was almost identical to the one that had been in my condo when I first moved to Charlottesville. While Frigidaire is a fine company, the bottom-of-the-line dishwasher the builder of the condo installed never did a good job of cleaning the dishes. I always did a pre-wash before loading dishes and had to use the longest cycle on the machine. Even after an hour or more in the dishwasher, some items would have to get washed again.

 The worst dishwasher ever made. Ugh.

I lived with that terrible dishwasher for years until Marc bought me a fabulous Bosch for Christmas one year.The Bosch was amazing and so quiet that there were times when I opened the door without realizing it was turned on! It might sound strange, but I loved that dishwasher.

When we moved into the house, I wished we had written into the real estate contract on the condo that we would take our Bosch with us. I was back to the low-end dishwasher that didn't clean. The previous owner put new appliance in the kitchen to sell it and the installer didn't set up the drain line properly. This wasn't discovered until we did our first load of dishes and saw water appear in one of our sinks. Oops.

When we woke up to an inch of dirty water on the bottom of the dishwasher one day last week, I knew what to do because the same thing happened back in the condo. I took the dishwasher a part to clean the components (they were clogged) and then put it back together fully expected everything to be back to normal. But the water still wouldn't drain. I tried a few more things and the water still wouldn't drain.

At this point, Marc opened the Lowes website on his ipad and pushed it over to me.

I had four features on my wish list for a new dishwasher.

1. It had to be a Bosch. I know there are other excellent brands, but our experience with Bosch was so great that I didn't feel the need to pour over reviews.

2. It had to have a third rack. A few years ago, I saw an ad for a Bosch dishwasher with a third rack for flatware. I love how the flatware sits so the spoons don't "nest."

3. It had to have a handle that was a bar, not one recessed into the door. This is not a huge deal, but I find the recessed handle on our current dishwasher annoying and when my hands are wet, they sometimes slip off it.

4. I wanted a control panel with hidden buttons. I know the control panel can break regardless, but I like pushing buttons over pressing on a digital display.

We settled on a dishwasher from Bosch's 500 series. I think I only found one washer that had all of the traits I wanted. Our previous dishwasher was probably from the lower line, the 300 series, and it was still a great washer, so we hope the 500 level machine will even better.

Unfortunately, the machine isn't in stock anywhere near us, so we had to order it through Lowes. There have been some complications...including someone calling my husband and trying to convince him to get a different machine because they have to order this one, but we are sticking with the model we picked. It should arrive later this week!


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