A Look Inside the Newly Reopened Lanesborough Hotel

I'm about to start traveling for a little while and anticipate seeing endless corridors of identically decorated Marriott hotels all along the way. What a dream it would be to stay at a historic hotel that's been carefully updated and decorated with meticulous attention to detail like the newly reopened Lanesborough Hotel in London.

The Lanesborough closed its doors at the end of 2013 to undergo a massive renovation with the late Alberto Pinto's design team and ReardonSmith Architects. 2,100 books of gold leaf were used on the ceilings during the update and 5,500 unique stencils were used over the course of 2,000 hours of painting. There are five different bedroom designs and 14 different kinds of canopies used over the beds. The "royal suite" in the hotel is 4,800 square feet and includes seven bedrooms.

On to the gorgeous images...


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