When Discontinued Fabric Reappears!

Over the winter, I fell in love with a pretty fabric at UFab that I thought would be perfect for reupholstering a reading chair I bought for our bedroom (which will eventually be our guest bedroom).

It went nicely with the fabric I used for our drapery panels in that room (a sample is to the right in the picture below) and the pattern would go well with the geometric pattern on our Sferra bed linens.

I went back into UFab recently to look into buying the fabric and discovered that it had been discontinued. I was so disappointed and nothing else there had the same feel and style as that pretty fabric I loved.

Yesterday, I was looking for a rug for another room and saw something familiar on the Home Decorator's website. They have chairs in the fabric I liked so much! The fabric that was discontinued!

The Nottingham from Home Decorator's

With a little clicking around, I found that there were three chairs in the fabric. The Nottingham (above), the Roxboro, and the Habersham. The prices were great...less than reupholstering the chair I bought would be, so I think I'll move the chair I have to another room and buy a new one in this cute fabric.

The Roxboro by Home Decorator's

The Habersham by Home Decorator's

The chairs are also made in the USA! I was shocked when I saw that in the details. I want a chair that isn't oversized, so I checked the alternative pictures of the chairs, too.

 They all looked fine, but the dimensions for the Roxboro make me think it might be too big and boxy. I'm not crazy about the rolled back of the first chair, but I like the tufting and the pretty arms. The third chair is the smallest, but it is the simplest of the three.

I have a couple days to decide...pretty tufting or simple and compact? What would you do?


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