Tile Shopping at Wainwright Tile and Stone

My search for tile for our lower level bathroom wasn't going too well until our friend who is a tile installer suggested I visit Wainwright Tile here in Charlottesville. I've driven by the sign for the business many times over the years, but never went inside. I assumed it was a small shop, but when I went inside, I found that it was huge:

I was going in to shop for marble, but ten steps into the building, I found this:

The tiles were laid out on the floor so they could be installed in a display. That made me assume the tile was over-the-top expensive, but most of the tiles by the company were comparable in price to the marble tiles I had loved!

I worked with a wonderful salesperson named Diane and we played mix and match with all the different patterns available. The gray and white or white on white colors were going to work best in the bathroom, but some of the samples were in other colors.

The mosaic was almost double the cost, but we only need it for the shower area, so that shouldn't break the budget.

I found myself wavering between  a flower pattern and one called Etoile (star).

The other options were beautiful, too.

I decided to take the flower and star tiles home. Diane picked some subway tile and detail pieces to go with them. I just had to pick between a few different shades of white.

In the end, I decided on the larger flower tile in the main room and a flower mosaic in the shower. I also picked out creamy white subway tiles, baseboards, bullnose tiles, and chair rails. It was actually pretty easy! I was so surprised that I wasn't indecisive at all once I had the tile at home.

HOORAY! Another decision made and we are another step closer to starting work on the bathroom!


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