Shop Tour: Green Front Furniture in Farmville, Part 2

I started the Green Front Furniture shop tour yesterday, with pictures of the rug and accessory buildings. Today, I'm going to start with my favorite buildings, the warehouses full of furniture. As a reminder, here's a map of the area of downtown Farmville, Virginia where Green Front is located.

Building 8

I started my visit in Building 8. It had the most diversity of styles of all the buildings. The front of the first floor was full of Bernhardt and tons of chests that looked like ones I always see in catalogs like Wisteria and Horchow. The back half of the first floor had more rustic pieces and a section of kitchen islands.

The second floor was packed full of upholstery, the third floor had bedroom furniture (for adults and kids), and the basement aisles of chairs and then a massive area of outdoor furniture.

On to the pictures...

Part 3 is coming tomorrow!


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