Shop Tour: Green Front Furniture in Farmville, Part 1

I've been hearing about Green Front Furniture for years. Almost every time I've told someone that I'm looking for a new sofa or a chair or rug, I've heard that I have to get down to Farmville, Virginia to shop at Green Front. I ignored the suggestions, thinking that the warehouses I was told they had were full of junk. My opinion changed this winter. A stop at the Green Front warehouse in Manassas (northern Virginia) was so wonderful that I knew I'd be going to the main location eventually.

Last week, I finally made my trip. I have so many pictures that I am splitting this "shop tour" up into multiple posts. This shop tour is going to cover 12 buildings, some of which are four-story warehouses.


Farmville is about an hour south of Charlottesville. Side note for locals: most would take Route 20 all the way into town, which would put you on Main Street at the top of the map below. A good alternative is Route 15, since there is some construction on Route 20 right now that allows for one-way travel at a point (cars going south get the one open lane for five minutes, then cars going north get it).

The warehouses are not climate controlled, so hydrate and dress appropriately. Take breaks. The complex that includes buildings 1-4 has a water station in it and there are lots of little cafes on Main Street.

As you shop, you take pictures of the tags of items that interest you and note their location. You can show a sales person the numbers and they can determine if there is back stock or if you'll be buying the item that is on the floor. White glove delivery to Charlottesville is only $75, but they will also wrap things up if you want to transport your purchases home yourself.

My sales person was Christie Jones in Building #9 and she is wonderful!

The Layout

There are 15 buildings, but a few aren't part of the showrooms. Here's a quick run down of the ones you can visit:

Buildings 1-4: Mostly rugs. Thousands of rugs. There are some occasional pieces, including a small amount of very reasonably priced bone inlay pieces.

Building 5: Accessories, furniture, a few rugs. Furniture is nice, but not high end.

Building 6: Furniture, a mix of styles, some more rustic.

Building 7: Close out rugs, not operated by Green Front. Incredible deals. Runners sold off huge rolls and priced by the foot. There's a corner that's just random stuff you can dig through. There were some giant rugs priced as low as $500. Extremely kind staff was eager to flip through the piles and point me in the right direction for the size I wanted.

Building 8: A very interesting building. Lots of Bernhard. Lots of dressers that look like they are from Horchow, Wisteria, Ballard, etc. A section of rustic items. Kitchen Islands. An entire floor of bedding. TONS of chairs and sofas on the 2nd floor. The basement is full of chairs and there's also a patio section. This building goes on and on.

Buildings 9 and 10: My favorite buildings! These have the better furniture in them. #9 is full of Hickory Chair (tons of it), Jessica Charles, and other brands that are made in North Carolina. Building 10 had a lot of Century, Harden, Henredon, and Henkel Harris. There are some really unusual pieces in the basement of building 9. Stay tuned for pictures in a future post.

Building 12: The Boneyard. The clearance center.

Building 15: Accessories and some furniture.

Though I started my visit with buildings 8, 9, and 10, I'm going to cover the lower "half" of the buildings along Main Street today and move up to the main event (the higher end pieces!) in my next post. That's not to say the furniture in these buildings wasn't great, they just weren't from the names I knew well.

First, the rugs...every style, every size (they were marked precisely, like 5'6" x 7'2"), every color.

There was a good amount of furniture in these buildings as well. The prices on the bone inlay pieces were better than anywhere else.

Buildings 5 and 15 were labeled as accessories and they had plenty of art prints and lamps, but there was a lot of furniture as well.

Building 12 is "The Boneyard," full of odd chairs and some accessories. I saw a pair of Libby Langdon benches for $400 in there.

 Building 6 wasn't my cup of tea, but there were some nice items in there. If you're into beige linen or the Restoration Hardware look, this is the building for you. I took one picture because a friend likes purple and I saw these pretty chairs that I thought she'd like.


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