The Beautiful Homes of Grace and Frankie

Since we had to spend the weekend watching Baxter, our golden retriever, to make sure he wasn't having an adverse reaction to his surgery or medications, we found ourselves flipping through Netflix and stumbled upon Grace and Frankie.

Okay, in reality, Marc was going to put some sort of crime drama on and I made a last minute plea for something that would make us laugh. Grace and Frankie was the perfect pick. The show is charming and funny...but I couldn't stop staring at the backgrounds. Grace's house and the beach house Grace and Frankie share are both stunning homes. I pulled out my ipad so I could take a few screen shots to share. IMDB says the set design was by Barbara Mesney.

The first home is used by two couples: Grace and Robert and then Robert and Sol. When discussing their divorce, Grace says she doesn't want this home and Robert can have it if she can have their beach house. 

The front hall:

Grace's Bedroom:

More of the front hall and the dining room:

Robert's Bedroom:

The kitchen:

The living room:

Grace and Frankie move into the beach house that the couples shared for years while their husbands move into the house above, that Grace and Robert shared for years. Confused? In a nutshell, the husbands, business partners, fall in love and leave their wives. The wives weren't the closest friends to start with, but they become roommates and friends.

Most of the action at the beach house takes place in the kitchen, dining room, and the two living rooms that flank the dining room. Frankie has a meditation room where a few scenes take place and we also see Grace's bedroom in an early episode.

The kitchen:

Living room #1:

The dining room:

Living Room #2 (I kind of love that chair!):

Frankie's meditation room:

Frankie's art studio:

I haven't finished the first season just yet, so I may have missed some good shots!


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